H2O Trash Patrol is dedicated to removing harmful debris from waterways and leaving the environment in a better state than the way we found it.

Standup Paddleboard Lessons

Learn how to standup paddleboard with us!
Pick up skills from our extremely talented crew that you won't learn anywhere else! In just 2-hours, you will know how to stand up, balance, paddle, maneuver, and dismount a standup paddleboard on flat water. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and sea life in Oceanside Harbor! Boards and Paddles provided. Learn a super fun sport and help out a great cause! All proceeds benefit H2O Trash Patrol to clean up the waterways! Signup your friends and have some fun with us!

Standup Paddleboard Lesson - 2 hours
(SUP & Paddle rental included)
$30/person ($80 value)


A Little About Us

What began as a lesson to small children has since blossomed into an enterprising mission to clean up our waterways and beaches for the futures of these young impressionable and pure minds. Recently awarded the Environmental Hero Award by the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, H2O Trash Patrol is passionate about making a difference by physically getting out there on the beaches and in the water to pull out as much trash as possible and bringing awareness of the growing plastic and debris in our world's oceans.

Have you ever called someone a "litterbug"? And then not picked up the piece of trash sitting near your foot? Every time we pass by debris and not pick it up, we are making a statement that it's okay to have trash on the ground. Now imagine you left that piece of trash on the beach. It won't be there the next time. It will have moved on, picked up by the tide, into the ocean, down the current, and transplanted to another beach, where it is joined by the other pieces of trash you didn't pick up.

This is where H2O Trash Patrol comes in. We are dedicated to continuously making a difference by picking up the litter on the beaches, and in the bays, lagoons, and waterways. It is our mission to clean up these pristine environments, making them safer and more enjoyable for people to visit and healthier for the wildlife and our oceans overall.


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