Waste Reduction Solutions

Land-Based Waste Reduction Saves You Money & Saves The Earth!

Let H2O Trash Patrol help you reduce your waste size and save you money! H2O is committed to helping schools and businesses find the most appropriate waste reduction and waste diversion solutions. Sometimes simple solutions can not only reduce the strain on the landfills but also save your business/school money. H2O provides waste audits, sets up successful recycling programs, and reviews overall waste reduction all while providing your students or employees with the education of WHY.

It has been proven in behavioral studies that people are motivated by different concepts. Sometimes it’s financial. Sometimes it’s emotional. Sometimes it’s factual. H2O can create the connections that can affect change. By providing them an effective WHY and bridging the gap between their actions and the environment, your waste reduction program will not only have a much higher chance of success in helping the earth, but will also save you the most money.

Contact us to discuss how H2O Trash Patrol can help you reach your sustainability goals! We are motivated to help you reduce your land-based waste because that means, ultimately, less debris that we will find in the waterways.

CASE STUDY: Oceanside High School

IMG_8215For example, H2O Trash Patrol was the implementation organization of Green Oceanside’s Zero Waste Schools program by assessing and implementing a recycling system in Oceanside High School. H2O’s dedication to trash reduction has been demonstrated through the numerous cleanups, environmental education, and public outreach accomplished over the years. The unique style and approach of H2O through environmental recreation engages people of all ages and creates lasting stewardship in even some of the most resistant participants. By providing a “cool” platform that crosses barriers and meeting people where they are at, H2O’s personable commitment and dedication to waste reduction not only assisted Oceanside’s resolve of Zero Waste, but greatly benefited the students and faculty of Oceanside High.

Student Engagement

2015-10-10 11.54.27 HDRH2O Trash Patrol has a unique and cool approach to environmental stewardship. By keeping the ocean and waterways as the primary focus in waste reduction, H2O has created an environmental recreation platform that combines enjoying the environment while taking care of it. H2O proposes a waterway cleanup with a select group of students, utilizing paddleboards. Not only is this a fun way to clean the environment, it is also one of the most impactful ways to demonstrate the devastating impact waste has on the environment. Seeing the trash in the water, causing immediate harm, combined with the physical act of making a difference and having fun is a long-lasting, life-impacting experience.

Due to the size of the student body, taking the entire school out on a waterway cleanup was not feasible. In lieu of this, H2O took a small group of student ambassadors from various backgrounds, groups, and clubs out on the water and created a video of the event. The video was then played during a program presentation to approximately 1,700 students.

IMG_8134In addition, H2O worked with the newly created ambassadors to creatively encourage the rest of the student body in embracing the Zero Waste program and inspired waste reduction school-wide. With the appropriate approvals, H2O worked with the ambassadors and school staff to create inspirational posters and banners to be placed strategically around the school, incorporated the Zero Waste concepts at a football game, and during their Club Rush.

The results of the program was an increase in waste diversion (a.k.a. recycling rate) from 9% to 65.5% in under three months, with promise of improvement as the program progresses, saving the school an estimated $7,000 per school year in waste pickups.

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