Waterway/Shoreline Cleanups

10984982_951276194893141_1283223350976751164_nJoin us for a fun waterway cleanup on paddleboards! It’s what we’re known best for! A bit of environmental recreation that gets to the kid inside every one of us! Cleanups are usually every other Saturday 9am-12pm. There are few exceptions so check out our Events page to see our waterway cleanup schedule and sign up for the next one. RSVP’s are required to attend. (We need to know how much gear to bring.)

For those of you who prefer more details…read on…

H2O Trash Patrol removes marine debris from the waterways, lagoons, harbors, and bays via standup paddleboards. Not only is it a great way to remove marine litter from hard to reach places, but it a fantastic way to build community, improve the environment, and get a good workout, all while leaving little to no carbon footprint.

H2O Trash Patrol regularly schedules public community-based waterway cleanups every other Saturday. Volunteers are always welcome and invited. To date H2O Trash Patrol has removed over 30,000 lbs of trash from the waters and its surrounding borders with the help of its volunteers. The greatest limitation our organization has faced is lack of funding for crew compensation, fuel for traveling to waterway locations and enough gear for each volunteer to be effective in marine debris removal. The gear required to be efficient is typically gloves, water shoes, buckets, trash pickers, nets, bungees, leash, utility belts, safety vests, personal floatation devices, rafts, standup paddleboards with fins, and paddles. With ample gear, fuel, and crew, we are able to invite even more volunteers and have an even greater impact on cleaning up the environment. Standup paddleboarding is also an amazing all-over body workout. The exercise gained in one cleanup combined with the sense of well-being of doing a good deed in the fresh open air leaves us and our volunteers with a refreshed sense of exuberance that is life-impacting. Many of our volunteers have become avid standup paddleboarders due to their experience in helping with one of our unique cleanups. And many longtime paddleboarders have become more aware of the impact of trash on the waterways and oceans because of their experience with us. H2O Trash Patrol volunteers, the community, and the environment will benefit greatly by receiving your financial contribution.

11202865_957193460968081_7839107811131124346_nFull data sheets are completed after each cleanup, which includes, but not limited to, number of volunteers, cleanup time, distance covered, debris weight, and debris types. Marine debris removed during cleanups is collected, weighed, sorted, and recorded. A report of the marine debris, including photos and/or videos, is produced monthly for our records as well as a courtesy for public relation reports and records of other organizations. This same report is sent to San Diego Coastkeeper, as a result of a mutual collaboration.

Join us in our efforts! Check out our Events page to see our waterway cleanup schedule and sign up for the next one. RSVPs are required to attend.


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