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One Simple Change

The main focus of this program is to show children from Kindergarten through 12th Grade ways to make changes in their personal habits in order to reduce marine debris. The goal is to successfully educate students by breaking down the large topic of “being green” into smaller understandable parts and to encourage students to make at least one simple change in their daily lives to reduce the amount of trash that makes it into our oceans each year.

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The OSC program has proven successful at numerous schools. One example is the program at Innovation Centre Encinitas, in Encinitas, California. This school allowed H2O Trash Patrol to utilize it as the first school to carry out the OSC program. The students were engaged, asked questions, posed solutions, and added their own creativity, especially on the “repurpose day”, by creating a scarecrow for their school garden, made of reclaimed trash from waterway cleanups.

There is no cost for this program, but donations are always appreciated so that we can continue to bring the program to schools and other youth organizations in the future.

3rd Grader Presentation

Students Stand Up to Marine Waste

This unique field trip is suitable for schools and other organizations with children in Grades 6 through 12 who are interested in performing community service. The program is structured to include paddle boarding as one way to explore and protect the marine environment. The program shows that by making responsible choices, students can reduce and even prevent marine debris from entering our oceans. In addition, children who have never paddle boarded before will learn how to stand up, balance, paddle, maneuver, and dismount a standup paddleboard on flat water. Use of all11014929_949086178445476_1207814429450589430_n equipment is included: standup paddleboards, paddles, lifejackets, buckets, trash nets, pickers, and gloves. Students finish the day empowered with the knowledge that they can make a huge difference in taking care of our oceans by making environmentally responsible choices.

The cost for the Students Stand Up to Marine Waste program is $20 per student with a minimum requirement of 20 participants. All equipment including life vests is provided by our organization. Trips are three hours in length, typically from 9am until 12pm and are located at Oceanside Harbor or Carlsbad Lagoon. Additional locations may be available.

Marine Science Exploratory: Grades 4 – 6

Join H2O Trash Patrol for some fun ocean science in our floating classroom! Be a scientist and learn all things ocean while having fun on standup paddleboards!  Each session begins at the Oceanside Harbor Visitor Docks across the street from 1540 N. Harbor Drive, Oceanside, CA.  

$20 per participant, minimum of 20 participants
Deposit of 25% required to hold event time slot upon scheduling event
Since some of our opportunities do have a cost associated with them, we can in some cases assist in finding grants that would be suitable to offset cost.

Students rotate through the following stations:

  • Short presentation about our organization and marine debris effects on the environment
  • 40 minutes – Craft – upcycled wood board painting based on observations of environment
  • 40 minutes – Paddleboard lesson for beginners and supervised paddleboarding
  • 40 minutes – Marine Science Exploratory – organisms, water quality, temperature
  • 40 minutes – Crabbing Exploratory

Note: During summer from June 20 to August 20, due to camps, marine science exploratories are available on weekends only.  Bilingual program available for spanish speaking students.


The message of making one simple change is reinforced each day through classroom activities that incorporated at least one core topic of math, writing, reading, science, and art. For example, the students took an assessment of their lunches, taking into account how many students had reusable water bottles and how many did not. A percentage graph and fraction graph were created to show the data they collected. Another example was the amazing presentations and research that the students made. The impact of the OSC program has inspired these children to start reducing, reusing and recycling at school and at home.


For more information or to schedule a day on the water, contact us. Bilingual programs are available for spanish speaking students.

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