Marina Maintenance

Custodial Service for Harbors & Marinas

Harbors, marinas, and coastal businesses depend on the waterways as a selling point to their customer base. However, when that water is cluttered with straws, cups, plastic bottle caps, and other nasty looking debris, it detracts from the overall enjoyment of that business and the environment.

“I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to go to a restaurant on the bay and see tons of garbage floating in the water. I feel like a portion of the extra money I’m paying for the meal should be going toward cleaning up the water around it. The restaurant should be giving back to the environment it is using to make money off of.” ~ Alicia R., San Diego, CA

“We pay good money for our slip rents and it’s nice to see the harbor doing something about the trash that floats in and collects in my slip and around my boat. H2O Trash Patrol has definitely made a difference in reducing the amount of trash around the harbor.” ~ Maggie, Oceanside, CA

H2O Trash Patrol specializes in cleaning up those “hard to reach” places in and around the water via Stand Up Paddleboards, leaving little to no footprint. We provide “custodial” services of the waterways for the benefit of the environment, public safety and health, and local businesses who utilize the nearby water as an added benefit to their local customers and tourists. Not only do we take the pollution out of the water, but we also pack it out, sort it, record the data, and recycle what we can to minimize the strain on the landfills.

Contact us at (760) 230-5830 or via email to schedule your marina assessment and maintenance estimate.

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